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Lattices on windows and doors

Advanced security systems do not cancel the installation of additional devices on window, doorways. Special screens will be needed here. Window grilles help prevent penetration. Similar iron accessories are produced for entrance cloths.

Protective grill on the door Protective grill on the door
код: OL358
3 079 грн
Double-leaf protective door grill Double-leaf protective door grill
код: ol190
1 455 грн
Single-leaf security grill Single-leaf security grill
код: ol189
1 455 грн
Protective sliding grilles Protective sliding grilles
код: ol077
2 299 грн

Basic technical requirements for protective grilles on windows and doors

The main indicator of quality is reliability. Products for windows must have the following characteristics:

  • Durability. The top decorative coating prevents corrosion.
  • Strength. Manufacturers use rods, squares, strips. The last option of rolled metal is the least preferred. It is advisable to use thickened rods or profiles. You should take a closer look at the connection of components - an increased degree of protection is provided by welding each intersection.
  • Reliability. The execution of the cells is checked - they must be small enough.

Aesthetics is an important parameter that affects the cost. Choosing lattices for the balcony, the user pays attention to their style, the presence of forged elements, shade. Exclusive design adds value to products.

Sliding and stationary grilles: design features

Lattices on windows and doors

Manufacturers offer several types of fixtures. Stationary models are the most reliable solution. These grilles on the door are attached to the wall. The main disadvantage of the products is their inconsistency with fire safety standards. It will be impossible to leave the room through the window opening, this increases the risks.

Sliding grills on the door are more bulky. The doors open from the inside, fold into an accordion and go to the side. In the event of an emergency, people will have an emergency exit. It is impossible to open the sash from the outside - access to unauthorized persons is limited.

Manufacturing of lattices for windows and doors by individual sizes from "Kompred"

It will be possible to buy window grilles in Ukraine online. The online store provides a large selection of products. They are produced by the domestic company Zaporozhenergozapchast. You can order products prepared according to your own project.